PATCHSETS.SH was created to help customers evaluate the currently installed Oracle Applications’ patchsets and Family Packs. The program compares the currently installed patchsets and family packs to the most recently available ones generated by Oracle Development. This is an Oracle Support provided script and therefore has limited support, but OAM also provides a means to check your patch history directly from the Product.

How it Works:
This program utilizes the the applptch.txt file for 10.7-11.0. For 11i and R12, it utilizes a combination of tables such as AD_BUGS and AD_APPLIED_PATCHES to create the installed patch list. If the 11i release does not use these AD tables (11.5.4 or lower and have not applied 11i.AD.E or higher) it still supports using applptch.txt for 11i. In order to keep this script up to date, it is put out on the Oracle ftp site on a nightly basis with the most recent patchset/family pack listings included in it. Therefore, the patchset analysis that you do is only as up to date as the last time you download this script.

Scope & Application:
This script can be used for 10.7, 11.0.x, 11.5.x, 12.0.x, and 12.1.x The patchset listings are generated automatically from the latest release information from Development. If a patchset referenced by this tool is not available on the external ftp site, an i-Tar can be logged to obtain it.

Latest Patchsets Comparison Download Locations
Unix or NT: ftp://ftp.oracle.com/support/outgoing/PATCHSET_COMPARE_TOOL/patchsets.sh


Note: The NT version works with the MKS shell that is required for Release 11i.
For comparison of Releases prior to 11i, copy the applptch.txt to a Unix machine and run the script there with the explicit path to the applptch.txt file. ie. $ patchsets.sh applptch=/tmp/applptch.txt

2. Running the Patchsets Comparison Tool
Warning: The patchsets.sh program is generated every night with the latest patchsets data in it. So, this means that you need to get the latest version to get an up-to-date report.

Setup Requirements:
Must have connectivity to EBS database via sql*net with $TWO_TASK set
Source $APPL_TOP/APPSxx.env file or just setup database env such as ORACLE_HOME and TWO_TASK

11i – $ . $APPL_TOP/APPSORA.env
R12 – $ . $APPL_TOP/APPS{sid}_{machine}.env
Note: As long as you can connect with sqlplus and $TWO_TASK, the script should have the access it needs.

Usage: $ patchsets.sh [connect=11i_login/pw|applptch=/path/applptch.txt] [-h] [silent=y] default is n, [htmlout=file]