Time to work on some of the EBS performance, here is the complete reference of MOS IDs. All the best.

NOTE:38373.1 – TECH: Example TM(Table Locks) During Referential Integrity Enforcement
NOTE:384241.1 – Using Forms Socket Mode with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
NOTE:396009.1 – Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12
NOTE:404954.1 – How to run OATM migration utility
NOTE:62143.1 – Troubleshooting: Tuning the Shared Pool and Tuning Library Cache Latch Contention
NOTE:62354.1 – Waits for ‘Enq: Tx – Row Lock Contention’ – Wait Scenario Examples
NOTE:94224.1 – FAQ- Statspack Complete Reference
NOTE:1020012.6 – Script to Return Locking Information (Medium Detail) 
NOTE:122371.1 – How To Gather Statistics For Oracle Applications Prior to 11.5.10
NOTE:138159.1 – Canceling Long Running Queries in Oracle Applications 11i
NOTE:153507.1 – Oracle Applications and StatsPack
NOTE:163208.1 – bde_last_analyzed.sql – Verifies CBO Statistics
NOTE:163424.1 – How To Identify a Hot Block Within The Database Buffer Cache.
NOTE:169935.1 – Troubleshooting Oracle Applications Performance Issues
NOTE:174605.1 – bde_chk_cbo.sql – EBS initialization parameters – Healthcheck
NOTE:216205.1 – Database Initialization Parameters for Oracle Applications Release 11i
NOTE:228913.1 – Systemwide Tuning using STATSPACK Reports
NOTE:244040.1 – Oracle E-Business Suite Recommended Performance Patches
NOTE:276103.1 – Performance Tuning Using Advisors and Manageability Features: AWR, ASH, ADDM and Sql Tuning Advisor
NOTE:33453.1 – Locking and Referential Integrity
NOTE:33567.1 – TECH: ORA-1575 Timeout waiting for Space Management Enqueue
NOTE:34566.1 – WAITEVENT: “enqueue” Reference Note
NOTE:362851.1 – JVM: Guidelines to setup the Java Virtual Machine in Apps Ebusiness Suite 11i and R12

MOS note IDs related to Concurrent Processing tuning:

NOTE:1389261.1 – PCP Concurrent Manager Failover/Failback Does Not Work When Application Listener is Down On Primary Node
NOTE:1060736.1 – Deadlock Error During Concurrent Request Termination
NOTE:466752.1 – Concurrent Processing – What is FNDREVIVER and How Is It Set?
NOTE:551895.1 – Concurrent Processing – Failover Of Concurrent Manager Processes Takes More than 30 Minutes
NOTE:1360118.1 – Performance: Concurrent Requests Hang in Pending Status For Long Time
NOTE:866298.1 – Concurrent Processing – ORA-00060: Deadlock Detected – UPDATE FND_CONCURRENT_QUEUES
NOTE:1075684.1 – Concurrent Managers are consuming high CPU and memory
NOTE:1399454.1 – Tuning Output Post Processor (OPP) to Improve Performance
NOTE:844976.1 – Concurrent Processing – Concurrent Reports Failing With Errors REP-0004,REP-0082 and REP-0104
NOTE:1492893.1 – R12: Performance Issue When Standard Managers Waiting for “enq: TX – row lock contention” Held By ICM
NOTE:822368.1 – Concurrent Processing – How To Run the Purge Concurrent Request FNDCPPUR, Which Tables Are Purged, And Known Issues Like Files Are Not Deleted From File System or Slow Performance
NOTE:104452.1 – Concurrent Processing – Troubleshooting Concurrent Manager Issues (Unix specific)
NOTE:1060707.1 – Purge Concurrent Requests/Manager Data, FNDCPPUR, Not Removing Files From Filesystem