The Oracle Database 11g Advanced Compression Option (ACO) introduces a comprehensive set of compression capabilities designed to help customers maximize resource utilization and reduce costs thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO). It allows IT administrators to significantly reduce their overall database storage footprint by enabling compression for all types of data including relational (tables), unstructured (files), and backup data.

Although storage cost savings are often seen as the most tangible benefit of compression, innovative technologies included in the Advanced Compression Option are designed to reduce resource requirements and technology costs for all components of your IT infrastructure including memory and network bandwidth. The volume of data being retained on-line increases the need for Life Cycle Management. Typically historical data is partitioned and moved to low-cost storage. Advanced Compression reduces the storage costs further ensuring that application performance does not degrade unacceptably. Oracle has saved more than 68 TB across its Oracle E-Business Suite implementation.

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