This paper describes an optimized architecture for deploying Oracle® E-Business Suite using Oracle’s Sun servers and disk storage, and utilizing leading database, virtualization, and clustering technology from Oracle. This pretested, high-performance architecture can be used to accelerate database transactions and increase system availability. Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC), the Oracle Solaris 10 operating system, and Oracle Solaris Cluster provide a solid, highly available foundation for running Oracle E-Business Suite applications. The system and storage selected for this implementation— including Oracle’s SPARC® T-Series and SPARC Enterprise M-Series servers, and Sun Storage 6000 arrays—are highly scalable, providing flexibility, compute power, and capacity for even the largest enterprises. Virtualization capabilities of Oracle’s SPARC server platforms, including electrically isolated server Dynamic Domains, and powerful virtualization tools integrated into the Oracle Solaris operating system, can be used to implement server consolidation, a deployment strategy that can help reduce the cost and complexity of architectures, control datacenter sprawl, and increase hardware utilization levels.

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