Issues with Performance can arise if your computer is not optimally configured. You can enable the diagnosis of such problems, the Client System Analyzer allows you to collect client configuration data about the hardware and software of your computer.

How to check Client System Analyzer:
From Forms-based applications, navigate to Help > Diagnostics Menu > Client System Analyzer.

The Client System Analyzer runs on demand when you launch it. However, before data can be collected, you may be prompted to do the following:

  • Accept the Client System Analyzer applet.
  • Download and install a compatible Java Virtual Machine.

Viewing Data Collected by the Client System Analyzer

The Client System Analyzer collects information about a your computer’s configuration, such as:

  • Hard drive size
  • CPU speed
  • Memory
  • Installed software

It also performs some network performance measurements.

Every time you run the Client System Analyzer, the results are saved for future reference. You can work with the data through Oracle Applications Manager; go to Site Map > Diagnostics and Repair (tab) > Client Configurations. In addition, you can work with the data through Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control. See Section 3 of this document for the relevant configuration procedure.

Data Collection Details

The default set of collected data is organized into categories as follows.

  • Client Identification Information
    • OS user name
    • Host name
    • Domain
    • IP address
  • Network Configuration and Performance Information
    • Latency
    • Bandwidth
    • Subnet
  • Browser and Java Information
    • Browser type
    • JVM vendor
    • JVM version
    • Proxy information
  • Hardware Information
  • CPU Information
  • OS Information
    • OS name
    • OS vendor
    • Base version
    • Update level
  • OS Components
  • OS Properties
  • OS-Registered Software

Configuring Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control to Collect E-Business Suite Client Configurations

Set up Enterprise Manager to retrieve the client configuration data from the Web server and upload it to the Oracle Management Repository. When the data has been moved to the Oracle Management Repository, you can use Enterprise Manager to view it. This procedure assumes that Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control has been installed and configured in your enterprise, and that a Management Agent has been installed and configured on each Oracle Applications Web Server host.

Required Patch Level
Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control release or later is required.


Follow the steps below:

1. In Enterprise Manager, click Management System, then click Agents. The Agents Home Page displays.

2. In the Agents table, click the link for a Management Agent that has read/write access to the Web server directory to which client configuration data is being written. The person who configures the client configuration collection applet for your site chooses the directory into which the applet writes client configurations.

The Agent Home Page for the Management Agent displays.

3. In the Add list for the Monitored Targets table, choose CSA Collector, then click Go.

The Add CSA Collector page displays.

4. On the Add CSA Collector page, click Help for more information about configuring Enterprise Manager to collect and upload client configuration data to the Management Repository.